Friday, April 29, 2011

The NRA Fundraising Campaign posted an op-ed from a man who mistakenly received the NRA pitch. After describing the contents of the fund raiser and referring to some of Wayne's hysterics, the author summed it up like this.

This media elitist doesn't see how the Second Amendment is subverted by registration or requiring people to store guns so kids can't get at them and I wanted the Connecticut legislature to pass a bill banning one of those "commonly owned firearm accessories."

The accessory is a magazine clip of the kind the Tucson accessorizer Jared Loughner used in January when he tried to assassinate Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and managed to kill six people, including a 9-year-old girl. In a matter of seconds Loughner was also able to wound 12 others without reloading his Glock.

But the bill died in the Judiciary Committee, thanks to 200 NRA "sportsmen" who showed up at a public hearing and scared the legislators.

Wayne, I'm afraid you guys have too much power already, so I'll have to pass on the membership and petition, although I was tempted by the handsome duffel bag. It would be useful if I'm ever called up by the militia.
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  1. What is a magazine clip? Sounds like the writer doesn't know much about what he's trying to ban.

  2. I heartily agree that the large magazines should be illegal. Clearly NRA is just an extreme lobbying firm for the industry. It's like the old Steppenwolf song. "He doesn't care if you live or die." Anybody who would defend the availability of these clips is either a fool or dangerously insane.


  3. In your haste to ridicule the magazine size nonsense, you must have overlooked this one.

    How is the 2nd Amendment subverted by registration or requiring people to store guns so kids can't get at them?