Monday, April 25, 2011

New London Shooting

The basics are that a man was shot, he'll live, two guys were arrested one of whom confessed.

After responding to the call that shots were fired at 11:20 p.m., New London police were led to the second-floor apartment at 21 Wightman Road. Police say a search warrant for the residence was obtained, and a search turned up a firearm, ammunition, several ounces of marijuana, about $1,000 in cash and at least five marijuana plants. All items were seized.
You know what it means? Every nickel-and-dime pot dealer can get a gun. The availability is such that guys who sell ounces and handle small amounts of money have guns now, as tools of the trade. It didn't used to be like that, it's a bad trend.

This is the direct result of the gun policies and inneffective gun control laws we've been forced to accept. And those are the direct result of NRA lobbying, political corruption and grass-roots support from gun fanatics.

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  1. First off, you're leaping to conclusions on several levels.

    If this was the guys first bust, he wouldn't have been excluded from simply buying a gun at the local shop. So for all we know he needed only a few hundred to be able to purchase his gun "legally".

    Second, he had 1600 bucks on him. That's not pocket change. He had the resources to buy a firearm off the street.

    Third, he was a dealer, for all we know he traded weed for the weapon.

    Lastly his was a criminal enterprise, he probably felt that calling the police in the wake of a robbery was not something that would be good for his operations. Therefore he felt a weapon was necessary for self defense

  2. You forgot that it is also a direct result of people who smoke pot.

  3. Too many guns in New London CT, that's what I say.