Sunday, April 24, 2011

Texas sheriff: Deputy killed; suspect shot dead and investigation continues

From the AP:
VENUS, Texas - A North Texas deputy has died after being shot in the line of duty in a small town south of Dallas-Fort Worth and a suspect also was fatally shot, authorities said.
Johnson County Sheriff Bob Alford said in a statement that the shooting erupted Saturday afternoon near Venus and that a suspect was shot dead by deputies.
Alford didn't identify the suspect or the officer in his release, but local media outlets said Alford later spoke to reporters outside a Fort Worth hospital where the deputy had been rushed and identified him as Clifton Taylor, 31.
The Fort Worth Star-Telegram said Taylor, who had been with the department for little more than three years, had been shot three times — in his neck, side, and back.
"I can't say enough what a fine officer Clifton Taylor was," Alford was quoted as telling the newspaper. "He will be missed."
A supervisor at the John Peter Smith Hospital, Anthony Vargas, told The Associated Press early Sunday that a man identified as Clifton Taylor was pronounced dead at the Fort Worth hospital on Saturday evening. Vargas said the man had at least one gunshot wound but he declined to release further information.
Alford had said earlier no further information would be released as the investigation continues.
Tim Jones, the agency's spokesman, said in the statement that the sheriff's office "requests your support and prayers during this very trying time in our agency."
Venus is a town of less than 2,000 people, located about 30 miles south of Dallas-Fort Worth. Local reports said Texas Rangers would take part in the investigation as is customary when an officer is shot.
Video footage after the shooting showed law enforcement officers pacing about a shed in a yard while an ambulance stood by and a crime scene photographer worked at the site.


  1. Looks like this officer waited to see if the criminal had a real gun before shooting him. Is this how you want encounters between police and armed criminals to go Mike? I assume it was ok for the other officers to shoot back at the criminal after waiting for him to shoot an officer 3 times?

  2. Now now, Jim. That's a little sarcastic. You know how I feel. Cops, and any other gun owner for that matter, has to reserve their lethal response for a true lethal threat. That doesn't mean the crimial has to shoot first, and it certainly doesn't mean the criminal has to kill one of the cops first. It means cops and gun owners cannot go around killing people because there MIGHT be a lethal threat coming.