Friday, April 29, 2011

Superior Gun

The pro gun crowd says that teaching kids to use real guns is good. I think it's sick. At times it seems like a form of child abuse. But what about toy guns? Are they bad for kids? I read an article once which said if you don't give little boys toy guns to play with they make their own out of sticks. And if you take the sticks away they use their fingers.

What do you think is the best way to handle this? Please leave a comment.


  1. "What do you think is the best way to handle this?"

    Take them to the gun range.

  2. Let the parents handle it.

  3. I would ask you if.. People talk about you (or anyone else) in a negative way should we take away your right to free speech? Your freedom to right this blog is your right. Just like it is any law-abiding citizens right to get licensed and carry a gun. Be it for hunting, personal protection, or recreational.

    My kids, of which I have four ages 8-5, know better than to touch a real gun in any other situation than hunting or target practice. All little boy's (and some girl's) play war. I say teach them the proper way and never falter from the rules. No one can predict WHO, or WHY someone would take another persons life. But you can't take away a persons right to own a gun because of those that are irresponsible and show negligence. Or for those that purchase guns illegally with the full intent to commit senseless crimes of violence and hate. This is the main reason most people purchase guns to protect their family, friends, and love one's.

  4. Anonymous, You comparisons to the freedom of speech and the right to blog are foolish. We're talking about guns.

    Your ideas about teaching kids are also foolish in my opinion. The only thing that'll keep your kids from hurting themselves with guns is your supervision of them and your safe storage of the guns. If you leave them alone where a gun is available and rely on your having "taught" them, that's the height of irresponsibility and just asking for trouble.

  5. Blogging is your right to the Freedom of Speech. So if your Right to Freedom of speech was under attack would you defend it?

    It's in the Constitution that we all have the right to free speech and the right to bare harms. I think your blog is foolish. Personally I would like to bring up a petition to take your blog down. I will be trying to take away your ridicules blog.

    Do you have children? I would make the conclusion that you don't. I would draw the conclusion that your just trying to draw attention to yourself because your lacking in some other area of your life.
    In that respect, you need to keep your nose in your own business.

    Gun's don't kill people... Sick people with weapons of any kind not just guns kill people.

    Let kids be kids... As TA siad... Let the parents handle it.

    **Mind your business**.

  6. People with weapons kill and injure people to a greater degree than people without weapons. Weapons are a tool for this purpose.

    MikeB is correct in his statement that the comparison between freedom of speech and the 2nd amendment is a specious one.

    Freedom of speech does not extend to the right to yell fire in a crowded theatre when there is no fire, because it does harm.

    Restrictions on firearms doing harm is similar, if you are looking for a legitimate analogy on reasonable, useful, practical limitations on constitutional rights.

    I can't speak for MikeB or Jadegold about their parenting situation, but you would be wrong about my experience with parenting.

    To the extent that I tend to be consistent with the opinions of my co-bloggers, you are in fact quite wrong in your speculation.

  7. The Young Family, Thanks for visiting and offering that comment. I had a quick look at your blog. I guess you're a young gun family, eh?

    Listen, you're jumping to the conclusion that I don't have kids based on what you read in this post is really foolish. Your comparisons to the freedom of speech and right to publish a blog are even more foolish. We're talking about guns here.

    Let me ask you, what Anonymous didn't respond to. Do you leave your young kids alone where loaded guns are available and rely solely on your having "taught" them gun responsibility? Or do you supervise your children and take some common-sense precautions about gun storage when they're around?