Saturday, October 20, 2012

Multiple Domestic Murder-Suicide in Florida

Bloomberg Business News reports

A gunman opened fire at a central Florida beauty salon Thursday, killing three women and wounding the manager, who had asked for a restraining order against him, police said. After the rampage, the gunman went to a friend's house and killed himself.

Authorities said the shooting was part of a domestic dispute, but did not elaborate. The gunman, identified by police as Bradford Baumet, was served with a domestic violence injunction Oct. 9 and scheduled to be in court Thursday for a hearing with the salon's manager, Marcia Santiago. Their relationship was not immediately clear.

About two hours before the hearing, Baumet, 36, entered Las Dominicanas M & M Salon in Casselberry and started shooting, police spokeswoman Sara Brady said. Two women hid inside a bathroom and one ran outside through a back door.
The difference between criminal gun owners and lawful gun owners is not all that great. Both groups contain individuals who are unfit to own and operate firearms. The problem is gun availability is such that the criminals can get guns just as easily as the lawful. This is a problem.

The NRA and gun-rights advocates won't have it any other way.  Refusing any and all restrictions which would impact on the criminal's ability to acquire guns, they are responsible for the gun violence we see every day.

There is a solution, which would amount to little more than inconvenience for truly legitimate gun owners. It's hard to imagine the selfishness of gun-rights folks who reject such simple measures as background checks, licensing and registration. Lives would be saved. Murder, like what took place in the Florida beauty salon, would be diminished drastically. In England there are 4 times fewer murders, per capita, and that's largely due to the lack of gun availability.

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  1. Yes, once again --- thank goodness that we allow free sale and carry so that gun owners can defend themselves from bad people...........who are one and the same.

    We have upwards of three murder suicides EVERY WEEK in this country, the overwhelming majority are with firearms.

    NOT self-defense use, murder suicides, are the far more frequent use of firearms.

    Having FEWER firearms does not totally prevent murder suicides, but it drastically reduces them, from several a week to a tiny fraction of that number.

    LOTS of innocent people would be saved.

    Our gun culture is a total failure, allowing this is stupid; this was NEVER what our founding fathers envisioned for gun ownership in the 2nd Amendment.

    1. and thank goodness we have gun free zones to keep college 'kids' safe.

      student alive because of gun free zone

      Great example of someone 'snapping' and not killing his girlfriend. You should feel safe knowing that the enraged boyfriend is still alive an well. He even had this to say to the police.

      "I didn't want the girl I loved to suffer..."

    2. Dog Gone, you care about what the Founders intended? Who knew that you were an originalist. I care about what the text tells us. The document makes the radical assertion that we all are responsible for our own lives, that we won't have a government that runs things from on high.

    3. 3 a week!! With over 300 million!! The percentage on that is overwhelming. Oh, wait, I took basic math in elementary.

      Get a job.

    4. "3 a week!!" Brwahahahahahahahah

  2. 1. The difference between criminal gun owners and lawful gun owners is huge. Criminals are bad gun owners, period. Among lawful gun owners, there are only a tiny few who shouldn't have guns. You imply that the number of bad but lawful owners is huge, but you have no evidence. You have no ability to analyze the numbers correctly. Why should we listen to you?

    2. Why do you keep lying about the inconvenience of your proposals? You want a person to pass a medical exam, a psych exam, and pass a test just to own a gun. You want the police to have access to our homes. You want registration papers that have to be renewed annually--and we know how expensive that will end up being. You want restrictions on cosmetic features that in no way affect the function of the gun. You would all but ban legal carry outside the home.

    That's only a small part of your list. Explain how that's an inconvenience, or stop lying.

    1. And if you screw up any of those things your life will be “a little more inconvenient” in prison

    2. Greg, you don't know any more than I do how many lawful gun owners shouldn't have guns. How come you can make guesses like that but I can't?

      I actually don't include psyche or medical exams in my suggested essential gun control laws. Here it is to refresh your memory, and take this warning. You better stop calling me a liar while lying yourself.

    3. You want evidence, Mikeb? I quote item #1 from your list:

      1. Licensing of all gun owners which would include a penal background check, a mental health background check, an eye exam, a written and practical test and approval by the local authorities.

      You're weaseling again. How else are we to determine the mental or physical health of a person without an examination? You see, the problem with your position is that you want to set up all these requirements for gun ownership without the slightest consideration of how much they will cost us in terms of time, money, and liberty. You don't think through the consequences of your proposals.

  3. While we're on the subject of falsehoods, you've been shown time and again that there's no correlation between the gun laws of a region and its rate of homicide. Remember Puerto Rico and South Africa? Remember how California and Arizona have just about exactly the same rate? How about the rates of Vermont and the Czech Republic, despite having good gun laws?

    If gun control worked, there would be a strong inverse relationship between the strictness of the gun laws and the rate of homicide. But there isn't. What that tells us is that something else is responsible. I'll be shocked if you actually look at the data and realize the error of your claims.

  4. The Liberal mind is a terrible thing.
    I hear Mexico is nice this time of year. Maybe we should all pitch in and buy Mike a one way ticket there. He will love the gun laws there.
    2nd Amendment. Get over it!

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