Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Accidental Shooting of San Antonio Teen by Himself - No Charges

Local news reports

A teen was transported to the hospital after he was accidentally shot in the stomach.

Officers say it happened just after midnight at an apartment complex on the 400 block of Utopia.

Investigators say Ray Fernandez, 18, was showing off a gun to friends when it accidentally went off. Fernandez was shot in the stomach.
Let's take some wild guesses. In San Antonio, Texas, teenage boys are raised with guns, right? Their dads and uncles all have 'em. They're taught gun safety from the very beginning.

Yet, we have so many of these PREVENTABLE incidents.  What could account for that?

Let's make some simple deductions. Teaching gun safety to kids doesn't work in many cases. The more guns there are the more gun accidents we have. Too many people are just unfit to own guns and use them safely.

What can be done about it?  Well, as our pro-gun friends keep telling us this is not the Minority Report, we cannot predict future events, so we have to work with what we have. When someone demonstrates their inability to safely handle firearms they lose the right to own them.  It's that simple.

How else are we going to improve the situation?  Why should we take a chance on these once-proven dangerous gun owners and hope they learned their lesson?  No, I say one strike you're out.  No second chances.

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  1. If I knew one of my friends or neighbors was dangerously incompetant with firearms; in spite of what the NRA says, I would not want him protecting me from terrorists, for fear he'd shoot me or a loved one instead of the terrorists.

    1. People who are dangerous to themselves and others need to be disarmed, if possible.

  2. Mikeb, you're not making deductions. You're making claims of fact. The problem is that you offer no evidence to support those claims. There's not enough information to draw conclusions about this case. With regard to your rule, we don't need any of your proposals to solve anything.