Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Accidental Shooting in Gun Training Class - Two Injured - No Charges

Local news reports 
Two people suffered minor injuries in an accidental shooting during a Saturday afternoon gun class in Coshocton. The incident occurred at the Coshocton County Sportsman Club.

The sheriff's department said the bullet fired when a 0.22 caliber handgun of one of the students jammed. The bullet traveled through one person's thigh and into the calf of another CCW student. 

 No charges will be filed in the incident.
What do you think about that disgraceful nonchalance?

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  1. Just like with cars, mountain climbing, bungie jumping, and any other dangerous item or activity, you can do things to improve safety, to reduce risk, and to punish the reckless, but you can't eliminate all risk or all accidents. That's life.

    Your eagerness to see someone lose their gun rights in the case of any kind of simple accident shows that you don't take the right seriously as such. Instead, it shows an eagerness to disqualify as many people as possible from touching or handling guns

    1. Oh, is that what I'm doing? How about your attempt to call blatant negligence a "simple accident?" Why do you object to holding gun owners to a high standard of behavior? A gun is a great responsibility. With it should come serious accountability.

    2. It's the idea of you being the one who judges that we object to.

    3. Mike,

      In the past, you've said that anyone who accidentally puts a bullet in the ground out hunting should lose his rights if others saw it and report it. That's a simple accident.

      Here, there's a good deal more negligence, and I wouldn't let whoever is responsible off. I wouldn't take their gun rights unless there's evidence that there was some gross recklessness here, but they ought to be paying all medical bills and any other expenses caused by their negligence.

      I don't take negligence lightly, I just don't think that an incident of it is, on its own, enough to ban a person from owning a gun for the rest of their life, just like I wouldn't take away even your privilege of driving for the rest of your life over one red light ticket.

    4. For gunsucks, any negligence with a gun is just accidental. If you are collateral damage, tough shit for you. The student should do time. More appropriately, the instructor should be heavily fined. But for gunsucks, guns are holy, and thus no criticism is allowed.

    5. T., you're really spinning the thing when you compare a "red light ticket" with a negligent discharge of a firearm. One is a minor violation, the other is serious.

    6. No, I'm not. Both are a result of negligence or recklessness, and both carry a huge risk of grave injury or death to oneself and others. Both should be dealt with according to whether they were caused by negligence or recklessness and according to what the outcome was.