Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) Says Focus on Mental Health

Taking their cue from Wayne La Pierre, gun-rights politicians often talk about the other contributing problems INSTEAD of gun availability. It almost seems like they're desperate to deflect attention from the first main problem. Rep. Blackburn mentioned the mental health situation including the over-medicating of society, but she was very clear about the first priority - protect the 2nd Amendment.

Do you think "the steam is coming out of the balloon?" Are the pro-gun factors winning by default again?

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  1. The steam is coming out of the balloon? That's a novel phrase.

    But Mikeb, you've been shown time and again by reliable data that guns aren't the cause of violence. If guns were the "first main problem," the Czech Republic, and the states of Vermont, New Hampshire, and Washington would be death zones. If guns were the "first main problem," no one would be alive in the United States. Certainly, if guns were the "first main problem," our rates of violent crime wouldn't have dropped over the last two decades, while rates of gun ownership and carry rose.

    I recall Marsha Blackburn (not Blackman) from my days in Tennessee and have no love for her, but she's right on this question. Let's do something that would have a good effect without infringing on the rights of people who aren't the problem.