Friday, January 18, 2013

Rochester MN Preacher Charged in the Shooting of his Granddaughter

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We reported the incident when it happened but at that time it wasn't clear if charges were forthcoming.

I say he should lose the guns and receive a suspended prison sentence. What about you?

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  1. A sentence of house arrest or some form of mandatory supervision (without prior incarceration) would be sufficient to limit the danger that his apparent recklessness may continue to pose. We have more pressing matters to fill our prisons with.

  2. Put the fucker in jail. The most dangerous person in the world is the gunsuck in your own house with a gun. We need to remind the gunsucks out there that playing cowboy with weapons has consequences.

    1. Go take your meds. THEN (and only then) make your comment.

      What exactly do you plan to achieve by incarcerating the idiot who shot through a wall/door and hit his granddaughter? He was not playing cowboy, he was afraid for his life, but simply acted in a criminally unsafe manner.

    2. He was not playing cowboy, he was afraid for his life, but simply acted in a criminally unsafe manner.

      That's quite enough Kool-Aid for you little one. To bed and say your prayers.

      I guess Mike is probably the most balanced among you. It would be a crime not to sentence. A suspended sentence is an act of mercy.

      If I shot one of my grandkids, no matter what the hell was my stupid-ass excuse....

      I would pretty much be out of the family permanently, with no recourse, jobless, out-of-luck, hated by my own parents and destined to die homeless on the street.

    3. It seems that someone does not understand the concept of an analogy.......

      Believe me, many people who are (unfortunately) endowed with firearms DO "play cowboy" with REAL GUNS. This troubling phenomenon is commonly referred to as "Cowboy Action Shooting" (Google it, I couldn't make this up). Many other people are attracted to the use of weaponry in order to live out a (rather pathetic) fantasy of being a cowboy, as can be seen here:

      I would agree that punitive measures ought to be taken, but active incarceration (with real criminals) would seem excessive in light of better alternatives such as house arrest or intensive probation.

    4. As I said, I take away the guns from the pathetic old man. A suspended prison sentence would be a good incentive for him to adhere to the gun prohibition.