Sunday, August 4, 2013

Gun in Waistband Leads to Accidental Shooting

Local news reports

First Joseph A. Hewitt earned himself a trip to the hospital after accidentally shooting himself Friday night. Then he earned himself a trio of felony charges for allegedly having handling a reported stolen weapon, police said Saturday.
Schenectady Police Lt. Mark McCracken said Hewitt, 21, of Schenectady was charged with two counts of criminal possession of a weapon and one count of criminal possession of stolen property following the shooting. He said police received a call at 7:55 p.m. Friday for a man who was shot in the groin at the Imperial Motel on State Street. Police later found Hewitt accidentally shot himself with a revolver when it went off while in his waistband.
The handgun was reported stolen from North Carolina, McCracken said, adding that Hewitt wasn't able to have a gun because of a previous conviction.

This story reminds me of the discussions I've had recently with Texas Colt carry. The way he describes it, this young man is a rarity among gun owners. His type may exist in the criminal world, but among lawful gun owners guys like this are hard to come by.

Of course, I have a different impression.  I think there any too many, even among law-abiding gun owners who do stupid stuff like this.  We read about them every day, and obviously those that make the news are only the tip of the iceberg.  I suppose sticking a loaded gun in your waistband is something you learn on TV or in the movies.  It's cool.

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  1. True, Texas Colt Carry is a concealed carrier and knows others who carry and how they behave, but I'm a Gun Control Activist, and it doesn't matter that I live in another country and that the only people I know who carry guns tell me that I'm wrong--I know Best, and I KNOW that the truth is that this is Very common. I can't say how common or how I know this, but trust me! I'm not biased in any way and would never say anything false!

  2. 1. This was a revolver? More detail, please. Revovlers these days typically are double-action, which means that the trigger is heavy enough not to get pulled accidentally, unless the hammer is cocked first. There's more to this that we've been told.

    2. This was in New York. Isn't it illegal?

    3. Your impressions count precisely for nothing.

  3. Mike, why did the reporter say he "allegedly" handled the gun? Why did he say it was "reported" as stolen? Do you think it is because he is pro-gun, pro-criminal, or both?

  4. "His type may exist in the criminal world, but among lawful gun owners guys like this are hard to come by."

    Confusing statement, "lawful gun owners like this", how do you confuse this guy as a lawful gun owner? Or a lawful gun owner to him?

    All you report on is UNlawful gun owners doing crap like this. The LAWFUL gun owners doing this is rare in your blog Mike, is it because there just isn't that many?

    1. "Hidden criminal" I should have said.

    2. According to the article, there isn't anything hidden about this guy. He is already a convicted criminal and prohibited from owning and posessing firearms.