Thursday, March 13, 2014

Interesting product--unpaid product comment

Personally, I prefer a home security system to a gun for home protection. 

I have mentioned before that a good home security system can cost less than a gun in the long run.

ADT had an ad where they pointed out that a security system can call the cops if you aren't home.  I think they even had one that was even more "anti-gun" in that it wasn't likely to kill a family member or friend, which I am sure caused apoplexy for gun loons.

Anyway, this company came to my attention with this blurb:

SimpliSafe was designed by our founder, a Harvard Engineer, with this principle in mind: Being Safe Should Be Simple. So he designed a security system that is easy to self-install, easy to purchase direct from us online, and doesn’t require a contract or a telephone line.
I have installed and repaired security systems and this is one impressive little sucker.  In fact, I would consider it if I didn't already have a security system installed.  Hell, I am considering it, but it would require repainting my house (which was just repainted).

It would be nice if it had video capability, which my system has.  Don't get dumb ideas about harassing me since "big bruvver" is watching you.  CCTV has been used as evidence at least one high profile case in my area.

Also, I am a bit wary about the wireless and use of batteries, even if they are lithium.

Still, this system is so simple that the average gun loon could put it in without too much frustration.

That sure as hell beats having something which is more likely to kill a family member and might even be an attraction to criminals lying about the house.



  1. Laci, you keep pushing security systems as though you have stock in the company, but you've yet to explain how such a gadget will stop a home invasion in progress. The function of alarms is to let the police know where they need to go take pictures of a body.

  2. Interesting system. I've seen and used devices similar to the door sensors in apartments, but they didn't have any monitoring. Still, monitoring or not, the best thing a system like this can do is scare off most burglars. I'll still hang on to my guns, both as a last line of the system and as tools for target shooting/hunting, thank you.

    I agree with your concern over the batteries and wireless system and would much prefer something more tamper resistant in a home I had the luxury of wiring this into. In an apartment, this, or even similar products without monitoring, might be one's best option.

    That being said, I recommend better mounting than the adhesive. I once had a shit your pants scare at 3:00 am when a sensor fell off because the adhesive wasn't enough to hold up the weight.

  3. You do realize that when your security system call the cops, they bring guns, right? And they might just kill one of your family members (since they don't even know who they are) with one of those guns you were trying to avoid.

    1. What's your point, are you against security systems? Are you a totally DIY home security guy?

    2. I never said I was against security systems, but Laci here said he is against guns for home defense but wants the security system to call people with guns to defend the home. Twice he mentions that guns may be used to shoot the wrong person, so apparently that's why it's better to bring in complete strangers with guns who don't know family members from burglars. Whatever. He can make the choices he wants for his own home, but he wants to make choices for other people too.

  4. And this also ignores security out in public. Laci, remind us why you carried a gun.