Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Terry J. Dunlop, Jr., Ohio Concealed Carry Permit Instructor and Serial Shooter of Innocents Finally Charged with a Crime - Sort Of

Terry J. Dunlap Sr.

The Columbus Dispatch

Violet Township Trustee Terry J. Dunlap Sr. was charged today with negligent assault in connection to an accidental shooting of a student taking a concealed-carry class that he taught last year. 

Lancaster Assistant City Prosecutor Stephanie Hall filed the misdemeanor charge in Fairfield County Municipal Court. She said Dunlap would be sent a summons to appear in court. 

Dunlap, 74, said this afternoon that he did not know he had been charged and had no comment. 

The charge was filed after special prosecutor Jeffrey Hunter filed a report last month with the offices of city prosecutor and county prosecutor. Hunter, who was appointed special prosecutor to look into the shooting, concluded in the report that there were no grounds for a felony charge because the shooting was an accident and Dunlap had not been acting recklessly. 

"Not been acting recklessly?"  Whaaat?

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  1. "Not been acting recklessly?" Whaaat? "

    I have to agree with you on this comment Mike. Along with the criminal charges, his teaching certification has been suspended for a year, and possibly longer. And I wouldn't be surprised if there was a lawsuit in the works.

    "He agreed to a one-year suspension from teaching firearms safety and training classes on Oct. 31, according to an agreement that he reached with the Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission, which certifies firearms instructors. The Dispatch obtained a copy of the agreement yesterday.
    The agreement says that the suspension shall be in place for a year after the Aug. 10 incident. It also says that the commission reserves the right to take further action regarding Dunlap’s certification to teach concealed-carry classes."