Friday, March 14, 2014

Northern Irish Open Carry Activists

Maybe I should have saved this for Saint Patrick's Day, but you lot want to say how you aren't like those "effete Europeans".

Are you really as fucking stupid as you act?  I mean you people are seriously ignorant.

Anyway, here are some Irish Open Carry Activists from the Troubles.

Although, Ulster during the troubles had nothing on the US at the time.  Still, it fucked up the people who had to live with it on a daily basis as this song by the Cranberries (a group from Ulster) points out.


Also, remember that Europe was the battle ground for some serious wars: not that most of you would know about the Battle of the Somme.  The US usually wasn't involved until well into the action: especially during the First World War.

So, if you want real war to come to your shore, remember most of the rest of the world won't give a shit.

Especially since they are selling you the guns to kill yourselves.

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  1. Laci, we know that you were a part of the British occupation force that maintained English rule over Northern Ireland. Tiocfaidh ar la, Pooch.