Sunday, June 1, 2014

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel Proposes Strict Limits on Gun Sales

Rahm Emanuel
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel presides over a City Council meeting at which he proposed an ordinance that would impose strict regulations on gun sales in Chicago. (Brian Jackson / Chicago Sun-Times)

LA Times

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel has proposed a slate of tough gun control measures that would subject gun shops to strict monitoring, including video surveillance of all purchases, in an effort to stem violence in a city beset with an unusually high number of gun deaths.

The restrictions came after a federal court order in January forced Chicago to end its ban on gun sales in the city and gave officials until July to put in place regulations before the ban is lifted.

The Emanuel administration in a report released this week makes a case for Chicago gun shops to videotape all sales, ban gun shops in 99.5% of the city and limit each gun buyer at a store to one purchase a month, except for relics and returns. Gun sellers would be subject to quarterly audits. 

In addition, gun shop workers would have to pass background checks and be trained to spot fake or “straw” purchasers, such as a male gang member getting a girlfriend to buy his gun because he’s ineligible. 

Attempting to deter shops from making sketchy sales, city officials could cross-check records against a regional trace database that Emanuel wants to establish, showing where guns used in crimes were purchased. Fines for violations could run a few thousand dollars.


  1. As we can see, city politicians are still leaning heavily on the guns are the cause of all the problems, when long term data has proven them to be false. There was an unconstitutional gun ban in force for quite a few years which had no effect on the city's rampant gang violence problem.
    Not too long ago, the Chief of Police actually admitted that the problem was gangs. The problem is that when politicians make a claim, they're obligated to back it up with action. This has resulted in many gun control laws being passed which have no effect on the gun violence problem they have and the real problem, gang violence not being addressed with the importance it deserves.

    1. Long term statistics show the more guns in society the more gun shot deaths. Each city has its own problems, but that static still stands.

    2. Gun availability to unfit people has always been a major factor. Some of the mayor's proposals would directly affect that.

  2. Ban gun shops in 99.5% of the city? Not sure that will pass judicial scrutiny.
    Spot fake, or straw purchasers? A judgment call, and if the buyer passes all qualifications they should be able to buy.
    The other restrictions mentioned make sense and I'm surprised a gun shop would not have cameras if only to catch a robbery, shoplifting, and other crimes on tape like any business. The company who insures the business should require cameras.

    1. Every gun shop I've ever been in has video surveillance. What the mayor of Chicago wants is straight on video of the transaction at the register, much like you have at a teller window in the bank.

    2. Wouldn't that be useful in identifying straw buyers?

    3. I see nothing wrong with that and don't think it's an unreasonable regulation.