Thursday, June 5, 2014

Pennsylvania Attorney General Kathleen Kane Stops Recognition Of Nonresident Permits

Kathleen Kane

Covington VA --( Pennsylvania’s Attorney General, Kathleen Kane, a virulent anti-gun Democrat, severed all reciprocity and recognition with Utah.

Virginia Citizens Defense League’s (VCDL) counterparts in Pennsylvania say that her actions are unlawful and follow previous actions in changing reciprocity agreements with Florida and Arizona and VIRGINIA, as well as eliminating statutory recognition of Idaho.
Further, Kane announced, through her office staff, that she is reviewing the reciprocity/recognition agreements in place with every other State.


  1. Minn/Wisc dissolved its reciprocity agreement, nothing outlandish about that.When you push States rights an out of stater will be discriminated. That's why same sex marriage and many other issues have to work their way through each individual State. If it's a federal right, why should that be necessary?

    1. Yes, all that's true, but the story here is the big step backwards PA gun rights just took.