Saturday, June 7, 2014

Ignorant right wingers

I've deleted the pic of this person to save him serious public embarrassment.

First comment, I find it hard to believe he is as smart as he claims if he became a lawyer while avowing to be an outlaw.  He's sort of admitted that he can't function under the ethics rules here and might get a reprimand from the ethics board.
Other things that are amusing is that he lives in Philadelphia, which should be hell for him given his political viewpoint. I wonder how he reacts to Odunde?  I bet that makes him go apoplectic!   How does he cope with gays, as well as the blacks, in Philly?  Not sure what he does for a living since he doesn't (or can't) practise law as well.

Also, there is a serious disconnect in thinking that EMP would allow him to watch reruns of Little House and Lawrence Welk.  He probably doesn't want it to wipe out the internet so he can connect with other whackjobs.

Electro Magnetic Pulse: Something which can occur either naturally with a solar flare or through a nuclear burst.  It would shut all the electronics down completely. Dude, you are so not prepared for when the shit hits the fan.

I also hate to break it to him that Lawrence Welk has already been infiltrated by librul dope smokers--check out this "modern spiritual":

Think of Dale and Gail taking some serious bong hits, dude.

He also seems to have misspelled his biography, which should be "American Tit" as in the British slang meaning of "an imbecile, an objectionable person. "

Anyway, he would be another reality challenged right poster child if I posted his pic (not that libruls haven't been having a good laugh at him already).

Actually, dude, you may not think you are crazy or incapable of reason, but your words convey another image altogether.

Let him live in shame hoping for a world that doesn't exist.

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  1. The One Toke Over the LIne video is a kick. I actually used to watch Lawrence Welk tapes with old people. The funniest thing was the twinkle in the eye and almost a wink from famed accordionist Myron Florin when he introduced the number. Definitely a big grin. Welk enjoyed much of the popular music of the early 1970s often rebranding it in his own unique way. Guess he heard the cowboy hippies Brewer & Shipley, (extremely influential early country rockers), and thought it was a catchy tune. Which it was.