Monday, June 30, 2014

Quote of the day:

"I can't tell you how many senior executives at firearms companies, over a beer when no one's watching, will say, 'You do know we realize that, of course, at least a third of our customers shouldn't be let within five miles of a gun."


Yep, the reason most of you are against background checks and registration is that you probably wouldn't pass one.  And your guns would turn up in the wrong places.


  1. Laci, ALL purchasers of new firearms have to go through an NICS background check. Since this article seems to be about Dick Metcalf and the perceived injustice of his firing over failure to produce product acceptable to his employer, lets close with something else he said,

    "Metcalf said he remains in favor of concealed carry, and that owning a gun is central to the moral responsibility to provide for a person's own defense."

    1. "Moral responsibility," that's ridiculous.

    2. Given that fact that having a gun in the home is more dangerous than not having a gun in the home, the morality you speak of escapes me.