Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Missouri Gun Owner Shoots at Fleeing Vehicle After Hit and Run

Local news reports

Shots were fired at a fleeing driver after a hit and run Saturday night in Fenton. A silver BMW struck another vehicle at the Gravois Bluffs shopping area and drove off.  The other vehicle followed after the BMW  and they met up in the area of old Hwy 141 and Romaine Creek Rd.

When BMW stopped, and a man and woman in the other vehicle got out to confront the driver. At some point, the BMW driver decided to drive off again and, in doing so, struck the woman. The man then pulled out a gun and fired at the BMW as it drove away.
The woman was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries.
Police later found the BMW and its driver. He was not hurt. No word yet any charges.


  1. The idiot decided to play policeman and got the woman hurt. Is that why he carries a gun, because he thinks he is the law?

    1. Yeah, too many of them think that. Many others use drugs and alcohol, still others suffer from rage attacks.

      The bar needs to be raised.