Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Ah, poor Holly Hobby Lobby-loving Fisher - welcome to your theocratic corporatocracy

A follow up to Laci's post about gun porn queen wannabee posing with her gun, her Bible, and her flag, in the exact same pose as a Muslim woman doing the same thing.

While not as on-topic for gun issues, it does display the poor thinking and factual ignorance of the conservatives generally, particularly the faux-patriot religious right, and why they should have little or no influence on our politics or government.

These are dumb, narrow-minded, violent bigots.  The only appropriate response to these bimbos and bozos is to point and laugh, and laugh and laugh.

Her insurance company demands a waiver to not have to follow the ACA guidelines and raise their rates but it's Obama's fault. Right.

H/t to AATP on facebook for this! (LOVE ATTP!!!  - give them a look!)
courtesy of Americans Against the Tea Party web site:
Busted: Holly ‘Hobby Lobby’ Fisher’s Anti-Obamacare Sob Story Exposed as Typical GOP Hypocrisy and LIES

Intrigued by the ridiculousness that is Holly Fisher I wandered over to the blog she set up and decided to do some investigation.
In late May, we were notified that because of tripling premiums, my husband’s employer was dropping Cigna for a new insurance. This comes one year after they dropped United Healthcare because premiums were increasing drastically.  United and Cigna are very similar and adequate insurances, however we did lose coverage, options, and our deductible went from one thousand per family member to two thousand per family member.  Out of pocket for our family went from eight thousand.
Wait, so the same ignorant woman that stood in front of Hobby Lobby with a Chick-Fil-A cup just to piss off liberals – while at the same time supporting Hobby Lobby for controlling the healthcare decisions of the women in their employ – is upset that her husband’s employer CHOSE THEIR INSURANCE FOR THEM! How dare they!
Except wait…let’s just blame Obamacare! Thanks Obama!
But wait! One dumb turn deserves another.

So despite the fact the law was designed to stop premiums from going up – by requiring 80% of healthcare premiums to pay for *gasp* healthcare, as well as restricting companies from placing a cap on healthcare benefits – this law failed to do so. Why? Because certain states and companies (West Virginia and Cigna specifically) applied for waivers that made them exempt from following the letter of the law.
Basically, these companies and states DIDN’T follow Obamacare by the letter….Holly’s health insurance premiums rose, and her company – in their infinite wisdom – chose to get another policy, because that is their right as determined by the Supreme Court, after all.
So I guess it’s okay for Hobby Lobby to determine the health insurance they can provide for their employees but not for Holly’s company to do the same. Holly is upset and whines about it because it affects her life. It puts her child in danger. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her. And in fact I do! I don’t think that she should be forced to accept sub-par coverage for her child’s condition because her employees chose the health plan for them.
Am I sensing another conservative playing the Teapublican tune that “I care when it affects me, but not when it affects others.”
Let me break it down for Holly ‘Hobby Lobby’ Fisher. We liberals want you and EVERYONE to have access to affordable healthcare where the rate isn’t determined by some corporate fat-cat who thinks he knows better than what you and your family need. We also don’t think employers should be involved in making those decisions. We think YOU and YOUR FAMILY should. The solution for that? Single payer. The sore back-up plan? Obamacare.
Your plan? The corporatocracy controlling a market designed to give them profit without concern for any of the citizens of the Republic…
Sounds legit.
How’s that glass house feel?


  1. "We also don’t think employers should be involved in making those decisions. We think YOU and YOUR FAMILY should. The solution for that? Single payer." How would single payer put me and my family in charge of making decisions? The government (I assume you mean for the government to be in charge of a single payer system) would have final say on whether or not they would cover any medical treatments. The true solution is for people to be free to engage directly with healthcare providers or insurance companies wherever and however they want. The government has put up so many restrictions on what health insurance companies can and cannot offer that it has severely limited the insurance choices of the people.

    1. I wonder if the Supreme Court would find that the government could make religious qualifiers as it has said private corporations can?

  2. If you read the story regarding her daughter losing her cardiologist due to Obamacare then you will see the cardiologist is Dr Farah Garmany. This doctor is covered by Obamacare aka Highmark BCBS of WV. Highmark is the ONLY option for WV residents on the Heathcare exchange. She is a liar and this needs to be brought to the attention of her "people."