Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Who's to Blame for Chicago's Bloody 4th of July Weekend?

Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy

Huffington Post

After a violent holiday weekend during which 11 people were killed and more than 60 others were wounded in shootings -- two of the deaths and five of the woundings at the hands of police officers -- Chicago Police Superintendent Garry McCarthy said Monday that the city's gun sentencing laws aren't strict enough to help police stem city violence.
"It all comes down to these guns: there's too many guns coming in and too little punishment going out," McCarthy said in a Monday press conference.
In a news release, McCarthy noted police have seized over 3,300 illegal firearms so far this year, but said many gun offenders quickly return to the street because sentences for those caught carrying illegally are too lax.
"Our efforts will continue unabated until all Chicagoans gain the same sense of security, but better laws are needed to reduce the proliferation of illegal guns in our communities," Chicago's top cop continued.
It's simple.  As McCarthy said, the problem is the "proliferation of illegal guns" which all come from lawful gun owners who fail to secure them properly in the home or allow them to flow into the criminal world in other ways.


  1. 60% of guns used in Chicago NRA-sponsored gun crimes come from outside Cook County.

    Second Amendment Heroes love the slaughter going on in Chicago.

  2. "After a violent holiday weekend during which 11 people were killed and more than 60 others were wounded in shootings"

    And one criminal was wounded by a permit holder after he was shot at.

    "A Gresham man is charged with attempted murder after he fired on a group of people leaving a party Friday night, only to be shot himself by one of the victims, a military service member with a concealed carry permit, authorities said Sunday."


    Seems like not too long ago that the Chief was saying that the focus needs to be on gangs. And these supposedly lax gun laws seem to be working fine in the rest of the very same state. The entire state of Illinois had 744 homicides in 2012 and the city of Chicago accounted for 500 of them.
    Perhaps its more a function of police effectiveness.

    1. Blame the cops. What a gun loon.

    2. Well Anon, lets look at a comparable city. Los Angeles has a higher population, looser gun laws and only 60% as many homicides as Chicago. LA even has a pretty extensive gang network which puts it even more on par with Chicago.
      So what is different? The Chief continuing to blame the lack of gun laws rings pretty hollow when other departments seem to be able to handle the same issues. Not too long ago he was claiming that his gang intervention strategy was reducing violent crime. Now he's back to blaming "lax" gun laws when things aren't going so well.
      In fairness, I wouldn't blame him for this bump in crime statistics in light of his gang intervention strategy only being implemented for such a short while. However his inability of being able to say this himself and falling back on this rhetoric sort of shows he didn't have much confidence in the plan.

    3. No lets not, because they are not comparable and their problems are not the same. Just leave it at you blame the cops, that will solve everything. Must be most cops in the country are inept since the whole country has a gun problem.

    4. "No lets not, because they are not comparable and their problems are not the same."

      Then please tell me what differences you see that make Chicago unique from other similar sized cities that might result in a much larger violent crime rate that even other cities in the same state?
      I also think its very interesting that the permit holder's effective use of a firearm against three armed assailants was written of in such a detailed way. There's one miscreant that wont be preying on innocents for a while. After he gets out of the hospital, he can go right to jail.

    5. You blame the cops. A typical gun loon answer.

  3. But....but....but..... It was streetlight McCarthy's policies that lowered crime during the winter months, why aren't the policies working in the summer, do guns hibernate? Do criminals only buy guns in the summer?

    The number of shootings was actually 77, 82 if you count the police shooting....


  4. Why would the some of the press lie about the number of shootings....

  5. Who is to blame? Anyone that shot a gun at another person illegally. How hard is that to answer?

  6. Yes, and naturally you want to stop there. You're probably one of those highly responsible gun owners who leaves his guns unsecured at home and every once in a while sells on on Craig's List.