Saturday, July 12, 2014

Kentucky Gun Laws - No One Responsible for Child's Death


  1. "The Commonwealth Attorney’s Office says there’s not enough evidence to file criminal charges."

    Its interesting that they aren't able to charge someone on house arrest with something after apparently having a gun in the house. But she seems to have a history of mucking up evidence.

    "Police will not say a gun was in the home of an infant, 2 year-old, and 4 year-old who have a mother on home incarceration. LMPD is not releasing details related to the gun's ownership either.
    While it is unclear what Thompson is on house arrest for, last March she was arrested for assault, theft by unlawful taking, and tampering with physical evidence. Court documents say she stabbed a man multiple times during a fight over stolen money. The man was in a confrontation with another person when, according to court papers, Thompson stabbed him in the back. The victim survived. Police say Thompson admitted she stabbed the man and threw the knife out the window. "

    1. Interesting you bring in a totally unrelated incident to deflect from the incident the post was about. Gun loon tactics.

    2. "Interesting you bring in a totally unrelated incident to deflect from the incident the post was about."

      Well, lets see Anon, There are no charges because the prosecutor's office says there isn't enough evidence to charge. And the year before, the same person is charged with a violent crime and tampering with evidence. Seems pretty related to me. Even the news article I cited seemed to feel it was germane since it saw fit to list it as a related story with the article announcing that there wouldn't be any charges.
      I also found it concerning that someone under house arrest for what seems to be a felony level offence couldn't be charged with something in light of the obvious presence of a firearm in her home.

    3. So obviously anyone found guilty of any charge is forever guilty of all charges made against them. Thanks for that pearl of wisdom.

    4. Yeah, I thought ss was agreeing with me, although he stopped just short of blaming the loose laws in Kentucky.