Monday, August 4, 2014

Being a "liberal" isn't as bad as the alternative...

This goes to the reality challenged right thing...

H/T to artist Paul Kinsella. and Tumblr's MemeGOP


  1. Most liberals just make up stuff or lie. So when asked to cite a reference, they cant. Hence, its obvious that they would be called a LIBERAL!

    Its great to be "RIGHT"!

    1. Most liberals do that? Now who's makin' stuff up?

    2. You are. I ask for citations of some of your comments made and get crickets instead. You put out comments that you want to be believed as fact but cannot back them up. You know, like liberals do on just about anything.

      If you want to be believed, back it up. I can. And with more than one source of the facts, not opinions.

    3. You're like a 5-year-old in the school yard, You did it, did not, did too, did not....

    4. Cute Mike, real cute.

    5. This clown is always asking for some mysterious citation, even for questions that could not possibly have citations; but read his comments, he has never given any citations, or maybe he means a reference source.

    6. It's a classic righty trick to accuse the other side of just what they're guilty of.