Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Poorest Counties in the US Are All Rich in Guns

Man with a Muckrake

No surprise there. Red state legislators seem to be happy to keep their people poor and ignorant. That way the legislators can keep their cushy jobs election after election.

Texas, 17; Kentucky, 16; Mississippi, 14; South Dakota, 10; Louisiana, 5; Alabama, 4; Georgia, 4; Montana, 4; New Mexico, 4; North Dakota, 3; Arizona, 2; Idaho, 2; Nebraska, 2; Tennessee, 2; West Virginia, 2; Alaska, 1; Arkansas, 1; Colorado, 1; Florida, 1; Missouri, 1; Oklahoma, 1; South Carolina, 1; Utah, 1; Wisconsin, 1.

The almost perfect overlap with gun availability and loose gun laws is unmistakable.


  1. So where in this article is this reference to gun ownership?

    1. Who said it was in the article? Do you deny the connection I made?

    2. I can't deny or confirm any connection at all because I don't see any reference to gun ownership.

      Mike, not everyone is a mind reader.

    3. The counties mentioned are all in high-gun states. You don't have to be a mind reader, you just have to think about it.