Thursday, August 14, 2014

Open Carry v. Open Carry

Open Carry Texas is hoping to have a demonstration in Houston's predominently black Fifth Ward.  The hope is that an armed society is a polite society will somehow prevail.

"We have a bad history with white men who would come into the 5th ward with guns in the name of a lynch mob," said activist Quanell X

It seems that some opponents of the march not only are exercising their right to self-defence, but are also openly carrying.  The open carry movement seems to be achieving its objective of getting people to exercise their "rights".

When will more people wise up that the phrase "an armed society is a polite society' comes from a crappy sci-fi novel and has no basis in reality?

Anyway, watch as perceived "rights" clash with each other and the rule of law!

Is this really the world these people want to create?  Do you want to live in a society which is like Somalia?

BTW, if the video embed code doesn't work, watch the video here:


  1. You know, the open carry douche nozzles were all excited to go up to the Bundy ranch and point their manhood at unarmed BLM employees.

    But do we see them in Ferguson, MO? Nope.

  2. UNarmed BLM employees? Citation needed.

  3. It was great to see the Oathbreakers, Zero Percenters, and Unconstitional Sherriffs of Murica rally to Missouri to defend people from tyrannical government!

  4. Laci,

    This is just so completely wrong on the surface. What the fuck could they possibly be thinking? In view of Ferguson and Saint Louis, the Houston police just need to shut this one down, completely.


    Weigh in on my post on the Dog Report.

  5. An interesting video. One open carry group protesting a different open carry group.

  6. This is typical "one ups man ship" that will lead to worse violence?

  7. Much to their credit...

    Loox to me like the SUPER DICKHEADS backed down for at least the next twenty-four hours.

    This way nobody is forced to shoot them. A win-win for everybody!