Monday, August 11, 2014

The latest GV numbers

Source at the bottom APU.

So, how many lives have REALLY been saved by guns, as opposed to wrecked by them?

It seems that numbers is becoming a theme here.


  1. SS, the number of deaths is ten times the number of defensive uses.

    1. Is this the Anon who fairly recently took commenters to task for, what did he call it, "counting bodies"?
      Perhaps we should count live people. I'm seeing over 700 people who used a firearm to defend themselves. We could raise that to 1,900 if we include police involved shooting which are for the most part defensive uses also.

    2. Just pointing out your ridiculous claim that there are just as many defensive uses, it's just that because of Mike's slant he doesn't post those stories. 10 to one makes that claim disingenuous, at best.

    3. Actually I do post them from time to time. But what I think about the estimates of DGUs that take place is not much. Many of them are unnecessary and did not prevent anything, let alone a death.

    4. When dealing with idiots that only count bodies, it should be pointed out that their body count is way off, especially when they try to prove a positive comes out of any body count. A sadistic and wrong way to discuss the issue.