Sunday, August 10, 2014

What's YOUR number?????

Come on, you don't really believe all that "guns save lives" bullshit--do you?  I mean if I pointed a loaded gun at you, you would not take that as a nice gesture.

Despite all your attempts to normalise insane behaviour, deep down, you must sense that you are repeating nonsense.

Or do you?

“Please answer how many people you have known (people you’ve talked to) who have been the victims of gun violence? Suicide, accidental, murder… otherwise. No politics. … No judgment. Just a number.”

That number may surprise you.

About half the people I spoke with said their number was zero and they felt fortunate. Others revealed numbers reaching into three digits. For some, the number changed as they started thinking back, remembering incidents they had long put out of mind.

Now, about your gun not killing anyone?  Would you put it to your head and pull the trigger?

Of course, you wouldn't.

Please stop trying to bullshit me.  Guns are deadly weapons which can kill or cause serious bodily injury.

Unless we can agree on that point, there isn't any reason to go any further with trying to have a discussion.

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