Thursday, November 20, 2014

Florida Man Gets Probation in 3-Year-old Daughter's Death

Local news reports

A local father plead guilty in his 3-year-old's accident shooting death today. Thomas Chambers made a terrible mistake that cost his 3-year old daughter her life.  

Should he go to jail, or has he suffered enough? 

That was the dilemma in the case of Thomas Chambers, who on Tuesday, appeared in court to plead guilty in the death of his daughter Zuri.  

Chambers sobbed and wiped away tears at times during the hearing.   Zuri was killed in February at the family’s home in Lake Worth.  Chambers was getting ready for work, and left his gun, loaded, on a table by the front door. Zuri found the weapon and accidentally shot herself.

In a video made shortly after the tragedy, Chambers told detectives, “I didn't think she was strong enough to…  pull that."

It came out in the investigation that Zuri had picked up her parents’ guns before--  one of the factors leading to criminal charges against Chambers. In a deal struck with prosecutors, Chambers avoids jail time, but will serve up to 10 years of probation.

“There really isn’t anything, any penalty, that you could craft that is worse than what he has to live with for the rest of his life,” said Suskauer.


  1. I know Mike disagrees with me, but the guy should get some kind of jail time.

    1. Actually, I wonder if you might not be right. In some cases it might be appropriate.

  2. This jerk should do some serious jail time.

    10 Years? What a joke. If you or I held up a 7-11 and killed the clerk, we'd get more. Yet, this clown allows kids who have just begun to walk access to guns.