Monday, November 17, 2014

Pennsylvania 10-Year-old Shoots Himself in the Face with Dad's Unsecured Gun - No Charges (Yet?)

Local news reports

A 10-year-old boy continues to recover after authorities say he shot himself in the face with his father's gun while sitting inside an SUV in Delaware County, Pennsylvania.

The shooting took place in a black SUV parked in an industrial park along the 1400 block of Calcon Hook Road in Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania, around 10:20 p.m. Saturday, police said.

The boy was waiting with his sister in the vehicle, outside an auto repair shop, when he found his father's .357 caliber revolver and it went off, police told NBC10. The father was inside the shop. The mother had just dropped the children off.

Prosecutors are currently deciding whether the boy's father should be charged.

The investigation is ongoing.


  1. He won't be charged. It will be called an accident. Someday this idiot gun loons actions will kill someone. I guess guns are safe in a car, right guys?

  2. What decisions could dad have made to have prevented this?

    1. How about not leaving his gun in the car with children. How about not storing a gun in a car, a very unsafe place to keep a gun. Ask the father, maybe he has some better ideas where to store his gun, now. But I doubt it, gun loons are a stupid lot.

    2. So it sounds like the direct cause of the death was lack of personal responsibility. Of course, progressives HATE personal responsibility and want to substitute it for nanny-state meddling for it.

      orlin sellers

    3. Gun loon idiots prove they have no personal responsibility as this story shows. Instead of allowing further needless deaths these gun loons must be forced by law to do the responsible thing.

    4. That's right, Orlin. Irresponsible idiots like this guy number in the millions. Strict laws would encourage some of them to act better and lives would be saved with no ill effects to the responsible people.