Friday, November 21, 2014

No surprise here

Does he teach remedial reading or take it?


  1. An interesting site Laci. The Penigma Blog seems to score about the same as Greg's blog. And of course, so is the Lacithedog blog. Mike's blog scores much more readable,

    "This page has an average grade level of about 0.
    It should be easily understood by 5 to 6 year olds."

  2. The last time I was at the Penigma blog I thought they had turned it into a place to purchase Facebook posters.

    Camp's page looks like a place where other Cultural Marxists would hang out.

    orlin sellers

  3. Laci, Exactly how insecure are you? First Facebook quizzes to show what a totes real and good lawyer you attacks on Greg for writing clearly and concisely ... what's next? Perhaps you should stop before we all get sucked into your black hole of shame.