Sunday, November 16, 2014

Molon Labe!

Of course, I think these people would prefer if you bought them rather than took them.


  1. OK. It's been nearly 2 days since I posted this.

    It seems that no one caught the Leonidas connection. Since it was Leonidas who said "Molon Labe".

    I am starting to think that the love for the term Molon Labe comes from ignorance and the love of myth. Those stories/Myths) where defiant "rebels" say "come and take our weapons" (e.g. Spartans at Thermopolae, Texians at Gonzales) are a whole lot more appealing than the reality behind them.

    IOW, I am seriously beginning to wonder if these people know the reality behind these stories, or if they are in love with myths.

    1. You have said numerous time that you don’t read or respond in the commenting section, yet you demand that everyone respond to you.

    2. Laci,

      Stop preening; you're not the smartest person on here or the only one to know history. We saw Leonidas on the ribbon and made the connection. We just didn't care enough to engage a pratting fool over a company using a name that is still used as a surname.

  2. Laci feeling like she is being ignored again just has to jump up and down for attention. Your post was stupid and irrelevant, that is why nobody responded.

  3. I got it and I thought it was pretty cute. My favorite part about the modern Molon Labe criers is that most of them don't think beyond the defiance. All of those Molon Labe Greeks died at the hands of superior forces. That's where I got the phrase "grandiose victimism" from.