Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Quote of the Day

About scientific journals, but it applies to other "scholarly" writings as well:

Realize that not all journals are good

Just because it's in a journal doesn't mean it's a fantastic study. Journals and papers both range from great to meh to downright fraudulent. And even a top-notch journal can sometimes publish a flawed study.


  1. Now I know how you guys come up with those ridiculous studies.

    orlin sellers

    1. Ah, fluff-for-brains; WE are able to recognize what is and is not a 'failed' study, or a poor study, from legitimate research.

      Sadly, you are not. You usually struggle with separating fact from fiction, especially fantasy.

      We don't 'come up with' ridiculous studies; you just have difficulty in dealing with fact, which tends to be in opposition your beliefs.

    2. Have you studied the spelling of 'kindergardener' yet, smartie pants?

      orlin sellers