Friday, December 12, 2014

Wonders of the Solar System- Winter Solstice

You think I am going to take the word of an anonymous dumbfuck on the internet about this topic when I have had what I posted has been confirmed by reputable astronomersProfessor Karlis Kaufmanis being one of them. Here, Professor Brian Cox explains the winter solstice.  Another example of the importance of the Solstice is Stonehenge.

Ancient peoples were very attentive to seasons and the Sun's position in the sky, because their livelihood depended on planting and harvesting at the proper times. The winter solstice was seen as the rebirth of the sun in those days.  The astronomical phenomena were well known about the Solstice in ancient times: and they would have been far more in tune with the seasons and stars than some idiot who might fancy himself a "survivalist".

You can believe what you want--it's more than fine with me if you want to say black is white and get killed at a pedestrian crossing.

On the other hand, I only trust people whose reputation I can verify: not anonymous dumbfucks from the internet.

I'll toss in another point--you would need to have some sort of close date to be able to say that a star chart accurately reflected the sky at the time in question.  No one has a definite date for Jesus' birth (if he even actually existed), which means that is not really a valid refutation of something which is an annually occurring phenomenon.  Unless, you claim to have an exact date for Jesus' birth, which I seriously doubt you do since there is no actual agreement on when that could have happened even using the Bible as a reference.

Seriously, you've done something Biblical scholars have been trying to do for millennia if you really have this date. Take a bow and be proud of yourself.

But I seriously doubt you would be intelligent enough to do that since, as I said, far better minds than yours have been trying for millennia to come up with an exact date.

Additionally, the crucifixion and resurrection is a motif in other mystery religions, which hints that the astronomical symbolism explanation is more likely than an actual star.  This is especially true since there is that solstice connection even if all the elements of being a saviour are missing.  The Solstice was an important celebration of Dies Natalis Solis Invicti, which was something which has caused Christian scholars to dislike the link between the Solstice and the celebration of "Christ's birth" from the beginning.

Thank you. Now, don't bother me unless you can say something intelligent.


  1. Honest question: are you a heavy drinker?

    orlin sellers

  2. What in the hell does the Star of Bethlehem have to do with the Winter Solstice?
    And your brilliant professor was mostly an associate professor who had a theory, never proven, that he mostly lectured on when not teaching Beginning Astronomy at the university of 10,000 beaches MN.
    Then we find out the guy in the video is a washed up pop star and pinup boy who is a presenter on TV and is not even an astronomer.
    Besides that, though the solstice did shine into the temple it was believed, here's one of your man-made laws DG, that the Sun revolved around the Earth and the Earth was flat.
    Regardless of all that irrelevancy, what does the SoB have to do with the Solstice?
    Next time, see if you can drag Blackface into your mixed up, confused, sloppy thinking.

    orlin sellers

  3. Thanks for the long rant, Laci, but you completely missed my point. Why did you go on here trying to prove to me that the solstice is real? I know it is, know why it happens, and know why it is important to people.

    You fuss about how Christians supposedly disliked the link between the solstice and Christmas from the beginning--and yet in the past you have gone on about how it was moved to take over Saturnalia...doesn't it make more sense that, since, as you pointed out, they didn't know the date of Christ's birth, they chose to celebrate it on the Solstice because of the symbolism?

    As for your little rant about how I don't know when Christ was born, and therefore a star chart would not be helpful, you completely missed the point of what I wrote before--nothing I said referred to the date of Christ's birth. I was taking issue with that Zeitgeist video's claim that the sun is in the vicinity of the southern cross at the solstice and that it appears to hang on the southern cross for three days.

    THIS is the claim I said was scientifically ludicrous--not anything you and dog gone tried to back up about solstices and their importance. This is a great example of not reading what I say and spending a long post railing against me for a bunch of positions I didn't take. It doesn't speak well of your comprehension or stability.

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    1. Beautiful? Sure. But completely off the topic Laci had been called on.