Saturday, February 21, 2015

Still More on the Las Vegas Shootout

From ssgmarkcr

Checked in to the hotel on post the night before my reserve drill and came upon this when I got online.  I imagine you're already tracking on it.  It will be interesting to see how the assailant's story matches with the son's and whatever physical evidence the police have gathered. 

The teenage neighbor arrested in what has been described as the road-rage slaying of a Las Vegas mother boasted about the shooting and told friends that he emptied several clips from his semi-automatic handgun during the gunbattle, according to a police report released Friday.
The documents depict a fierce shootout last week involving 19-year-old Erich Milton Nowsch Jr., victim Tammy Meyers and her 22-year-old son.
Police said Nowsch bragged of firing more than 22 shots at them that night — first, a few blocks from their home, then in the cul-de-sac outside their house.

According to investigators, Nowsch portrayed the Meyers family as the aggressors, saying he saw someone in their car waving a gun out the window at him.
"Got those kids. They were after me, and I got them," he was quoted as telling friends.
Nowsch remained jailed Friday on suspicion of murder, attempted murder and firing a gun from a vehicle. It was not clear if he had a lawyer.

Authorities continued to search for a second suspect, apparently the driver of the car in which Nowsch was said to be riding.


  1. SS's comments on this incident have been so far off and wrong, it's become a joke.

    1. His first comment was good on the son for shooting the fleeing killer, (perhaps not the truest version of events.)

      What good would that have done anybody, particularly if he had killed the kid or someone else? At least this youth will exit prison someday given some good fortune. Son would be in the same boat as the killer is now.

    2. Let's keep in my mind Sandra, the article above that I sent to mike actually introduces the assertion that there are potentially escalating behaviors in the encounter. So are you suggesting that isn't the case solely because I contributed it? Your dedication to opposing anything I say is if nothing else, unwavering.

    3. You're right ss and I'm getting tired of it.