Monday, February 23, 2015

What Led Up to a Deadly Shooting in Arizona (Where Everyone Carries)


The Rite-Aid shooting saga has just resulted in another mistrial for Bernell Benn.  In the video (below), Benn is the large black man on the cell phone.   Colorado is the white man in white shorts and dark short sleeved shirt.

From the recent article at
Benn has claimed he acted in self-defense during the altercation with Ramon Colorado in which investigators say both men had guns and began shooting at each other.
During a jailhouse interview with after his August 16 arrest, Benn said Colorado jumped ahead of him in line that afternoon.
“I said ‘Excuse me, sir. I’m in line to get my blood pressure medicine.’” said Benn, explaining what he said to Colorado. “[Colorado] said, ‘I’m in line too, bro.’”
Benn said at that point, Colorado pepper-sprayed him. Both of the men reportedly had guns on them and investigators say they shot at each other. They were both injured; Colorado died and Benn was treated for non-life threatening injuries.
Watching the video, I cannot help but believe that there were many opportunities for both men to break off the encounter and avoid the gunfight that finally ensued.  It appears that after the pepper spraying, both men actively sought each other through the aisles of the store.


  1. People who carry guns are less likely to cut off a fight before someone gets shot. Why should they? They have the final, deadly weapon, and no one will get the best of them.

  2. "The video shows Murphy standing at the counter for about two minutes while Benn paces in a circle several feet away and talks on his cellphone.
    Colorado steps behind Murphy. Benn taps him on the shoulder, the video shows. Colorado motions with his hands, appearing to offer Benn the spot in line."

    "Murphy, the only witness to testify, said that Colorado told Benn that he didn't know Benn was in line and insisted that Benn go ahead. Colorado's voice was not raised, she said. Benn remained angry but insisted that Colorado go before him, she said.
    Murphy testified that Benn said into his phone, "This white man cut me off." She told the court that Benn and Colorado swore back and forth.
    Murphy heard a commotion, glanced back and saw Benn with a handgun drawn, she testified."

    I'm not getting what prompted the use of the pepper spray.

    1. I would imagine the verbal exchange was a bit more acerbic.

  3. The black guy was NOT in line and was out of line for confronting the fellow who was,

    That does not excuse what followed.

    The white guy escalated the situation and got what he wanted to give.

    Both fucking simpleton gun loons.

    And why should the public's safety be compromised by idiots such as this??

    1. One Fly, I agree. The encounter seemed to go ok with Colorado seeming to de escalate by letting Benn go first. Then for some reason out came the pepper spray and everything went to hell.
      I haven't paid much attention to this one, I'll have to see if I can find out more.

    2. That's Constitutional Carry at its best.

  4. I'm not a fan of videos, but I watched the jailhouse video done by Benn. His story seems to generally mesh with the surveillance video though I didn't hear anything regarding Colorado letting him go first. He contends that there was nothing to justify being pepper sprayed.
    He retreated when assaulted by Colorado. He then hears what to me sounds like a threat from Colorado. He looks around corner and sees Colorado with something in his hand and gives a verbal warning. Colorado shoots first and Benn returns fire.
    I'm honestly not seeing any fault in Benn's actions. They cant even get a jury to convict on the reduced charge of voluntary manslaughter after two attempts. I'm assuming there are some witnesses out there that corroborated Benn's description of the exchange though I haven't found anything yet.
    If Benn's description is accurate, then he should be acquitted.

    1. I see it a little more like George in his comment below. Not unlike the Zimmerman/Martin deal, it seems to me whenever there's loss of life and the survivor played some part in the escalation, he must be held accountable.

  5. First rule of self defense is avoid the situation if at all possible.....Mr Benn should have realized he was not in line kept his mouth shut and lined up behind Mr Colorado....Mr Colorado according to a witness tried to get Mr Benn to take the spot but Benn kept running his mouth....Mr Colorado at this point should have left the store and returned later if he felt threatened by Mr Benn both of them allowed their pride to ruin lives......Mr Colorado was Hispanic not white as he was referred to as by Mr Benn during the altercation and the above article......

  6. "First rule of self defense is avoid the situation if at all possible....."