Sunday, August 9, 2015

James Holmes Sentenced To Life In Prison Without Parole

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Perez Hilton

The defense hoped the insanity plea would spare Holmes the death penalty. But while they rejected the insanity plea, finding him culpable for the murders, they could not agree on the death penalty — which requires an unanimous vote.


  1. what about Hinkley?

    Um, I don't know--what about him?

    1. Hinkley was judged insane and this maniac was not. Get it?

    2. Thanks for proving your gun loon credentials.

    3. Either that or Kurt's comment proves his liar credentials.

    4. Either that or Kurt's comment proves his liar credentials.

      Actually, Mikeb, I think we're looking at the proof of your utter incoherence.

      Yes--two juries, in two much different cases, in completely different jurisdictions, and separated by something like 30 years, came to different conclusions about their respective defendants' ability to stand trial.

      Again I ask, what of it?

    5. Kurt proved his liar credentials a long time ago, and proves it every time he comments here.