Saturday, June 20, 2009

Curly of the Three Stooges

Besides the trip down memory lane for those who are old enough, the last five seconds is what I'm talking about. (h/t to DeRosaWorld)


  1. I use to love watching these guys.
    Thanks mikeb, that was great.

  2. Beyond the funny, you're right, that is a danger:

    "A Denver police officer has been suspended after allegedly brandishing his gun at a McDonald's restaurant in Aurora after his order took too long to fill."

    Obviously the police need to be disarmed immediately for the safety of the public.

  3. I read about the Denver Cop and Hios "unhappy meal".
    Cuirly Howard was one of the funniest humans in existance. I have read interviews with his brother, Moe, where he states that they would have scripts, but Curly could never quite get the written lines and they learned after a whi;le that it was always just better to let him go wild.
    This scene and many other Curly impovisations were ripped off by Abbot and Costello in their films.

    Somewhere there is a short film of Curly Howard as a solo vaudville performer. He had an act where he conducted an orchestra and as he gestured, his clothes would split and fly off. At the end of the act, he was in his long johns.