Monday, July 27, 2009



  1. As someone more knowledgably than the average NBC viewer and other weapons of mass distraction media outlet viewer, the information presented in the article was vague and did not mention the media power Don Berlusconi has in Italy.
    This story is an excellent example of the 2 minute attention span coverage that the weapons of mass distraction media gives stories. In addition to the failure of the report to address the issue of media ownership, the video also failed to report how Berlusconi is in a coalition power agreement with Lega Nord and that he gets a large segment of his political power from the mafia controlled southern part of Italy.
    Perhaps the biggest oversight was the failure to report on the large military presence the US still has in Italy and how this related to the American audience the report was aimed at.
    Superficial media bullshit. Whenever you post video clips like this, you are further propagating the power of the media and the weapons of mass distraction outlets. I suggest sharing and posting stories and video clips that are not available and broadcast on the weapons of mass distraction outlets. If you look closely at the video of the interview with the leader of the PD, it was broadscast on the la Republlica radio website.

  2. Principe, I'm definitely one of the short attention span people. And since most of us don't have the patience for a lengthier analysis, I thought this one did a good job pointing out the difference between America and Italy with regards to sex scandals.

    The military bases and Berlusconi's being a media mogul might be better left for other videos. What do you think?

  3. I painted the picture that most Italians like him. He only gets 35 percent of the vote and the other 20 percent he gets from Lega and the previous AN. The devil is always in the details as you point out in your gun debates.