Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Swords Don't Kill People, People Kill People

If you wanted to chop a bunch of arms and legs off, what tool would you choose?
If you wanted to kill a bunch of people, what tool would you choose? (Hint: no bombs allowed. This exercise has to be hands-on.)


  1. If you were paralyzed or had extremely poor strength or were 82 years old, and you had to defend yourself against a muscle-bound thug who had already commenced an assault against you, what tool would you use?

  2. My greatest weapon is my brain. It's sharp, battle tested and it's--oh, wait. What were we talking about again?

  3. Gimme a box of toothpicks and watch me go to work! ;)

  4. Chainsaw, definitely a chainsaw. Or a hedge trimmer.

  5. Let's see ... if bombs were magically forbidden and I wanted to be a mass murderer, I would use gasoline to start a fire. Historically this has been the form of mass death, murder and accidental, proven the most effective. By starting a fast moving fire in a hotel or night club you can kill many times the number of people as were killed in any shooting mass murder (google fire fatalaties). Or I could get a few buddies together and use boxcutters to take over planes ... though hopefully that one won't work again.

    But since you're real goal is to make an anti-gun point, perhaps a better question would be "what would you use if guns weren't available," and for that the answer is easily found by reading international news. Or I've chronicled some facts here:

    In any case, in the real world explosives are available, and when terrorists choose to use them (Timothy McVeigh, terrorists, the Bath, MI school bomber, etc.) they kill many more people than they could have with guns.

    If Klebold and Harris had focused more on the bombs they set to bring down the roof of the Columbine cafeteria (thankfully the bombs they set didn't explode properly) they would have killed hundreds. Fortunately they were focused on the guns, and their ability to kill was severely limited.

  6. No guns, or explosives. Must be hands on.

    Just about any bladed weapon, MikeB. Why you might be asking. Well first off if used properly it is quiet, or it can be used to make them suffer. I must say that if I got it into my mind to kill someone, they really have done something to warrant it. I mean they really had to get me angry. If they got me that angry I would want them to suffer. Besides that a bladed weapon while harder to conceal, is not as easy to track. Sure they can test it for blood, but if you use it for hunting, there will be traces of blood on it anyway.

  7. John said, "If they got me that angry I would want them to suffer. Besides that a bladed weapon while harder to conceal, is not as easy to track."

    I like the way you think, John.