Friday, July 31, 2009

Weapons of Mass Distraction

This is what I think is a perfect example of what Il Principe refers to as "Weapons of mass distraction." Things like this are the real WMDs while we're getting jerked around on health care and the war in Afghanistan.

What's your opinion? Is the situation between Professor Gates and the cop who arrested him really as important as all this attention it's gotten? Why do you think they do that? Whose fault is it? The Prince says get the news from AP or Reuters, is that the answer?

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  1. No this isn't important. They are wasting time covering this when they could be covering Michael Jackson's death some more.

  2. I agree with FatWhiteMan. I mean, America wants to know if Michael has a super secret son.

  3. I'm more interested in why you cut Joe Biden out of the photo! :D

  4. FWM, Those are my thoughts exactly.

    Daisy, I noticed on another picture that Biden was at the table too, but I had already uploaded this one.

  5. The picture of Biden and Obama with thier sleeves rolled up is taken right out of the politicians playbook on how to look more real and like the average American. Sad all the attention all the media gave this story and how the users post silly comments. Just another reason why America is in the state it is in.