Tuesday, November 10, 2009

More Men Killing Women

The Associated Press reports on a chilling triple homicide.

Illinois State Police say a suspect has been arrested in a weekend East St. Louis shooting that killed three women as they sat in a car with kids who managed to escape unharmed.

Illinois State Police Lt. James Morrisey says police in nearby St. Louis arrested the suspect Sunday at an apartment. His name was not released because no charges had been filed in Saturday's deadly shooting.

Morrisey says the women were in a car with at least two children at a gas station Saturday night when the suspect drove up, exchanged words with one of the women and opened fire.

Canikia Harvey and Raykel Gathing, both 26, and 24-year-old Jaimaca McDaniel died later at a hospital.

Morrisey says the suspect knew one of the women.

The pro-gun response to this is more women should be armed in order to better protect themselves. The gun control response is fewer criminals should have access to guns. Which idea do you support and how do you propose implementing it?

The Miami Herald reports on a weird twist in a domestic shooting case.

A central Florida television station reports that a man accused of fatally shooting his wife inside their mansion attended the woman's memorial service this weekend.

According to the Orlando Sentinel, a judge had granted Bob Ward's request to attend services for his wife, Diane, in Brevard County. WFTV-TV reported that Ward was spotted at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church in Viera this weekend.

The couple lived in Isleworth, one of Florida's most expensive and prestigious neighborhoods. The secluded community in an Orlando suburb is home to hundreds of mansions and dozens of celebrities.

According to an arrest affidavit, Ward told dispatchers he shot his wife. He faces a second-degree murder charge.

Do you think if he'd been an impoverished black or Hispanic man he'd have been able to attend the funeral?

The St. Petersburg Times reports on this accidental shooting death of a Tampa woman.

A 32-year-old investigator, a rising star in the federal public defender's office, was accidentally shot and killed Saturday by her father while they were cleaning guns together.

Melissa Kupferberg spent the morning shooting pistols at a local range with her father, who was visiting from Maryland. They returned to her Seminole Heights home and began to clean the weapons.

But Kupferberg was having difficulty disassembling one of the pistols, Tampa police said. So she handed off a Glock Model 34 to her father, Stephen P. Kupferberg, 65.

Glock pistols require the trigger to be depressed to be cleaned. And as Stephen Kupferberg tried to tear down the pistol in his daughter's home around noon on Saturday, something went wrong.

A single shot was fired, striking Melissa in the upper body.

In spite of what kaveman seems to be implying, I fully realize that guns aren't bad news for women every single time. But, can anyone deny that there is too much gun violence being done to women by men. The examples above are taken from current news stories, typical of the daily fare reported by the main stream. Occasionally we have a female heroine like Officer Munley, no one's denying that.

What's your opinion? Are guns bad news for women, or not?


  1. Once again we see that MikeB isn't interested in reducing violence in general only gun violence.

    ut, can anyone deny that there is too much gun violence being done to women by men.

    Doesn't seem to care about anything not related to gun violence --- certainly difficult to find posts not related to "gun violence" or firearms.

  2. "But, can anyone deny that there is too much gun violence being done to women by men."

    No, I cannot deny this. You should begin work immediatly on forming a lobby dedicated to banning men. That, coupled with legislation that makes violence illegal should do the trick.

  3. Bob said, "Doesn't seem to care about anything not related to gun violence --- certainly difficult to find posts not related to "gun violence" or firearms."

    Do I come over to you blog and complain about its contents? What is your point anyway? You keep coming back to this idea.

  4. The point is Sparky is that you claim one thing but your constant refrain shows another.

    You say you don't "focus on the gun" but your very words show that you don't seem to care about any violence done if it isn't done with a firearm.

    You avoid the fact that only 9% of all violent crime is committed with a weapon.

    9% and that is with a weapon, all weapons not just firearms.

    Yet what do you focus on almost exclusively?


    You refuse to address defensive gun uses that show the validity of people being armed.

    You've refused to address the study I've posted about substitution in suicide methods.

    It seems -- BY YOUR ACTIONS-- that you are just another gun control advocate saying and doing anything to accomplish your goals.

  5. I guess Italy is bad news for women. Perhaps they'd have been better off if armed.

  6. Zorro, Yes, indeed it's bad news for women over here too. You're not suggesting that women fare better in the States are you?

    If armed, there'd be more murders and suicides as well as some DGUs in addition to all the abuse. Guns are not the answer as much as you wish they were.