Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Patriotic People

Thanks to Pandagon, for the video. This guy Hi-Caliber looks awfully familiar. Does anyone else think so?


  1. Patriotic? Were I to meet that Rapster walking down the street, i'd head to the other side so that my chances of being mugged [or gunned down] would be less.

    I don't need no lessons bout Patriotism from the likes of him or his peeps.

  2. At the recent CPAC convention, Blank Shooter (his KKKristian name) was supposed to host a Reactionary Rapfest. Trouble was that nobody showed up except the press. Maybe he can get a gig opening for Tubby Keith or Ted "shit my pants to get out of the draft" Nugent.

  3. Wow. Glad you two don't have any irrational fears or hatred.

    -Not LACI

  4. He looks like Marko Kloos. Did anyone notice that?