Saturday, April 3, 2010

Illiterate Tea Baggers

Il Principe sent me a link to this hilarious collection of misspelled tea bagger signs. We've discussed the question of whether the folks in this movement, generally speaking, are racist or not. I tend to think so, but several folks have pointed out that you can't judge the entire group based on the actions or comments of a few individuals. That's fair enough. But can we say they're a bunch of illiterates, or does the same defense prevail.

What do you think? Please leave a comment.


  1. The majority of American's can't spell, so it's really no surprise.

  2. Does this really need a reply?
    Is it not evident that Mikeb's point really depends upon:

    1) What percentage of total Tea Party signage that this hand-picked sample represents?

    2) How does that percentage compare with the percentage of misspellings at other tyoes of rallys, such as "anti-war" ones?

  3. I'm no fan of those folks, but I have a feeling some of those photos have been shopped. Just sayin'.

  4. Nope, not shopped, I think; prolly cherrypicked, just like so much of the "data" that they and others use to support their ridiculous assertions.

    As someone pointed out elsewhere, not knowing how to spell is one thing; misspelling words on signs demanding that others learn english is hilariously ironic.

  5. This is just the latest Anti-establishment protest movement in American history. I will be doing an in depth analysis on the Tea Party and refute a recent Time magazine article that labels the Tea Party movement as poltical movement, and does not even list Beppe Grillo's Five Star movement in Italy.
    Thanks to a link back from the Pirate Party in Sweden, the blog Opinione has recently gotten a lot of traffic.
    I will have to look up how to say thank you in Sweden.

  6. Earl said photo-shopped. I was wondering if they could have been faked in some way. Is it really possible these people spell so badly. Also, I've never seen this kind of thing in any other group of demonstrators. It seems suspiciously convenient for the liberals (like me) who like to disparage these people using stereotypes.

  7. AztecRed, Thanks for that link, which really is no surprise. In fact, if it weren't for spell-check, I'd be right in there myself.

  8. Mikeb30200:

    I doubt that they're photoshopped. I get to read lots of badly written copy on various blogs. One thing that teabaggers, fundies and others of that sort have in common is a serious problem with using the english language when writing.

  9. Democommie can't spell either and I'm pretty sure he's not a "Teabagger"