Sunday, March 28, 2010

10 Years for Maine Sex Game Shooter

The Associated press reports on the sentencing of the shooter in the highly-publicized killing which took place during a gay sex party in Maine.

A 51-year-old farmer from rural Maine wept in court and expressed remorse Friday as he was sentenced to 10 years in prison for fatally shooting a friend in the head during a drug-fueled party in a "sex dungeon" of a suburban home.

Bruce Davidson apologized for causing the death of Fred Wilson, a 50-year-old computer technician who was killed when Davidson shot him with a .44-caliber revolver during a night of sexual play at Wilson's home in South Portland.

Do you think 10 years is an appropriate sentence for this kind of stupidity? The defence asked for four.

The shooting took place April 18, 2009, after the three men had been drinking beer, smoking pot, consuming the party drug GBL, huffing aerosol inhalants and having sex over a 12-hour period in the basement of Wilson's home.

Davidson said he thought his revolver was empty when he put it to Wilson's head and pulled the trigger to heighten the sexual intensity. The gun clicked the first time Davidson pulled the trigger, but went off when he pulled it a second time.

The trial brought out details about risky sexual behavior and drug consumption, but the case was about the reckless use of firearms.

"The case was about the reckless use of firearms." My question is how common is this reckless use of guns. The way pro-gun bloggers talk about the 4 Rules and all that, you'd think it's extremely rare, but I wonder about that.

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  1. Well, when drugs are involved, common sense tends to go out the window. But this is all about the guns, isn’t it?


  2. This was just all sorts of stupid. 10 years is not enough if you ask me.

  3. TS, I don't think it's ALL about the gun.

    AztecRed, If you give more than 10 for this, where do you go from there? At what point do do you give the needle.

  4. I give the needle when you can prove there was malicious intent.