Thursday, April 1, 2010

Sarah Palin and the NRA

FishyJay provided this link which mentions that Sarah Palin will be a guest speaker at the NRA National Convention to be held in Charlotte NC.

She's scheduled to speak May 14 at the National Rifle Association's annual meeting. And On June 4 she'll headline a dinner with the theme "America, the Greatest Nation."

Jay made the following observation:

We have seen how JadeGold and others attempt to connect the NRA with every negative figure in the news that they possibly can. The connection is usually dubious and often bogus.

Yet I do not see them saying much about the story below, although the news is several weeks old now. Perhaps we all might agree that (from the reaction of opponents) Sarah Palin seems to represent everything that Democrats and liberals hate. Yet here is a case where the NRA has embraced her and the connection is there for all to see plain as can be, but there is little comment about it from those who attempt to connect the NRA to every other bit of nonsense.
I find that odd.

What do you think? That's a good question, isn't it?

Speaking for myself, I hadn't heard this news before. I read about gun stuff every day, but somehow the fact that Palin will speak at the NRA convention had not come to my attention. It definitely is something I might have posted about, let's face it, the connection is there for all the see, as Jay said.

But, if I haven't seen it, is it possible that it's been downplayed in the news? Could the NRA be ambivalent about Sarah Palin? Or do they embrace her as the symbol of what they believe in and love, sort-of the opposite of how the liberals view her?

What's your opinion? Please leave a comment.


  1. Anti-gunners tend to be allergic to the truth, even when it works in their favor.

    The truth is that Sarah Palin is an actual, current NRA member. So I imagine in the anti-gunner's brain, that's like a divide by zero error. They want to use her to demonize the NRA, but by doing that, they have to tell the truth. It's such a conundrum for them. I imagine JadeGold is sitting somewhere with his head on fire figuring out how to spin this.

    I'll make it easy for him: Sarah Palin spoke to a secessionist group for 30 seconds, saying absolutely nothing related to secession. Therefore, the NRA supports secession.

    See? I can conflate too.

  2. I think AztecRed has Jade pegged pretty well.

    I'm going to go see Sarah May 14 in Charlotte. Look for me there--I'll be the middle aged fat balding white guy in the room.

  3. It appears that AztecRed may have an answer to my conundrum.

    For JadeGold types, the NRA "connections" are only good good if they are lies.

    Perhaps for the JadeGolds the reward is in the denials, whereas with Palin the connection is embraced.

  4. Anti-gunners tend to be allergic to the truth, even when it works in their favor.

    Pretty much. See MikeB's entire blog as an example. Or Democommie & Laci for that matter.

  5. FWM said, "I'll be the middle aged fat balding white guy in the room."

    I laughed out loud.

  6. I thought you would appreciate that one MikeB