Saturday, July 10, 2010

Farago Shills For Moonies

White Robert Farago attempts to defend blacks in Moonie Times Op/Ed:
Not to put too fine a point on it, Chicago's new handgun-licensing laws are inherently racist. For proof, consider Washington, D.C

Odd, there's no mention that the Moonie Times' owner--Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church--also owns a firearm manufacturer, Kahr Arms.
But let's return to Farago's silly op/ed. He claims--without any evidence--that the only folks availing themselves of guns in DC are whites who are able to afford the fees. Of course, he also neglects to mention that the vast majority of DC's black populace didn't want the handgun regulations overturned. Despite Fargo's ridiculous assertion that gun control has roots in racism--it really cannot be denied that racism and Jim Crow laws were advanced, not by denying blacks guns, but by denying them access to public institutions and voting.


  1. Chicago's new gun scheme is much like poll taxes: Not racist in the word of the law, but racist in the outcome.

  2. FYI Rev. Moon also owns Auto Ordnance, manufacturer of the original Tommy Gun.

  3. The Unification Church owns a lot of stuff--jewelry stores, etc.

  4. A question for Robt. Farago:
    It's pretty clear you were aware of the Moon's financial interests in the arms industry--don't you think that a disclaimer was warranted on your op/ed? After all, if the WaPo ran an op/ed favoring college prep courses--it would be remiss not to mention the WaPo owns Kaplan.