Monday, July 5, 2010

Why the Brady Campaign Often Fails-and How They Can Achive Success (Part 2)

The NRA: The NRA is in business to provide its leadership with a lucrative living and to service the firearms industry. The nonsense about protecting the Second Amendment or protecting gunowner rights is a facade. They are a lobbying organization beholden solely to the firearm industry.
Selling Fear: The product sold to the dupes by the NRA is fear. Fear of minorities, fear of the media, fear of the Government, fear of foreigners, fear of change, fear of just about everything. Is it any wonder the low-information citizen is going to turn his home (or his parent's) into an arsenal? As I sagely noted in Part 1, the very notion of change must be accompanied by pure and mortal dread.
The Brady Campaign: To combat the NRA, the BC has often tried to counter the NRA's relentless fear-mongering. But those duped by the NRA regard the slippery slope as empirical certainty. IOW, if there is even the smallest notion of sensible gun control, it will surely lead to all guns being conficated and gunowners led away to the camps.
In Part 3, I provide BC with a roadmap to success.


  1. The Brady Campaign sells fear as well. Fear of open carry. Fear of concealed carry. Fear of handguns. Fear of "assault weapons". Fear of anyone who happens to be on the government's secret watch list. Fear of gun shows. Fear of people buying more than one gun at a time.

    The difference is the NRA sells legitimate fear. Fear of America becoming like England, or worse, Australia. Two places that seriously suck for gun owners.

    The Brady Campaign just sells panty wetting hysteric fear.

  2. Man,I love this! You make me LOL, and in this case I mean that literally.

    First off, the NRA serves it's 4 million members. People like me. And many others. It's an organization run democratically and members, not the "firearms" industry, cast the votes. On the other side is the 50,000 or so members of the anti-gun groups.

    The real problem anti-gunners have is that they have no logic, and think that fear is enough. When it's not, they fake studies and manipulate statistics but just can't get past the fact that places with more gun control tend to be more dangerous than places with minimal gun control.

    But seriously ... I can't wait to see what you're going to suggest. The anti-gunners have millions of dollars from anti-freedom organizations like the Joyce foundation, plenty of professional guidance in marketing and strategy, and now a second rate blogger is going to tell them how to overcome poll numbers that have been sinking since the 1990's and a public (and supreme court) that recognizes arms ownership as a cherished right?!

    *snicker* Can't wait to see what it is.

  3. Stephen, please do not stroke Jade Moron's ego by calling him "a second rate blogger."

    You've overestimated his worth and elevated his overall contribution to gun banning by leaps and bounds.

  4. Jadgold: “The nonsense about protecting the Second Amendment or protecting gunowner rights is a facade.”

    If my rights get protected on the way to them serving the gun industry, all the more power to them.

    Jadegold: “As I sagely noted in Part 1…”

    You also sagely noted that some closed bolt semi-autos are easier to convert than others, and I am still waiting for you to sagely note why?

    Jadegold: “In Part 3, I provide BC with a roadmap to success.”

    Are you one of those unemployed gun-grabbers lobbying for a job with the BC? It’s got to be tough out there- that industry has been hit harder than anyone of late.