Monday, July 5, 2010

Gunloon (Herman) Justice

Everyday's a smorgasbord for gunloonery. Who wants to bet Herman Justice is an NRA member?

Herman Justice:
The dashboard-camera footage retrieved from the vehicle of pretend police officer Herman Justice shows him ordering a bewildered Metairie motorist out of her car just off Interstate 10 early Friday morning with his hands wrapped tightly around a black pistol and a bright gold badge flashing from the waistband of his khakis.

The woman stood with her hands on her car for several tense minutes as Justice guarded her, first with an extendable baton, then with a pit bull, until the arrival of a State Police trooper

Update: Seems NRA posterboy Herman Justice has a criminal record.


  1. "Who wants to bet Herman Justice is an NRA member?"

    I bet he is not.

  2. FWM: Of course he is.

    After all, he thinks guns are the solution to everything. That's why he brought an arsenal to combat the Gulf oil spill.

  3. Why doesn't anyone ask the questions:
    1) How did this person get his firearms?
    2) what can be done to prevent it?

    And don't give me any shit that a convicted felon (or lunatic) had a right to a firearm.

    You would get enough of a "what kind of drugs are you on" look if you said the Second Amendment included "gun rights" in the late 18th Century.

    Saying that would convince them you were insane.

  4. “The sheriff says Justice claimed he was in the area to help with the BP oil spill response and film a documentary.”

    Jade, are you going to call him a Green Peace-loon posterboy too?

  5. Jade, are you going to call him a Green Peace-loon posterboy too?

    Let's see.

    Man breaks various laws involving guns. Man claims to be doing documentary on Gulf oil spill.

    Does TS not see the difference? Hey, maybe the guy likes to drink coffee--maybe he's a Coffeeloon?


  6. 1. He got his firearms legally. If he hadn't, he'd be facing charges for illegal possession of weapons. He isn't.

    2. He had no criminal convictions prior to this incident. He simply had an arrest. You could be arrested for murder, for example, but unless you were convicted, the presumption would be that you were innocent. That's how the American legal system works.

    3. I know this guy. He needs help. He just cracked under extreme stress he'd been experiencing at work. Look at some of the comments made on some news websites from Kentucky. He's a decent guy who had an excellent business reputation before this happened. He snapped and made a huge error in judgment. He'll be paying for that mistake for years to come, in terms of his personal and professional life.

  7. FatWhiteMan said...
    He is a member of the NRA, another gun toting loon I'm afraid.

    Anonymous said...

    Anon - You say you know this guy and that he is a decent guy? OK, well I know him as well and have done for years.

    Your comments:

    1. He got his guns legally: Fair enough, doesn't mean he isn't still a complete loon for carrying all those weapons in his car with a pitbull, fake IDs and batons. So what if they are legal.

    2. Did he tell you himself he has no criminal convictions? Must be true then. He has previous, not for this but the law know him!

    3. We all have stress at work but do not post crazy websites with words like 'guerilla raid' plastered all over them. Stress at work, sheesh, 100k plus and ability to take time off at a whim, wow, what stress. He sent out begging letters to friends and associates for money to help with his time in the Gulf, he spent this money how? I got stressed at work, think it was a Tuesday in May of last year, you know what I did? Had a wee whiskey after work, I did not pull over innocent ladies in the middle of the night like the 'Don' did.

    Don't defend the guy, he is a prize, self serving asshole. You say you know him? Well what about his dyed mustache and shaved head, that is not how he left Louisville. You clearly do not know him that well or outside of the classroom if you are defending him.

    Let us not forgive this man so quickly, it is not just a case if snapping after a bad day, this was planned from the begging letters for dollars to the military style arsenal in his car.

    Decent guy, yeah, OK.

  8. Too many guns out there, that's the problem.

    I'll take some of the action that he's an NRA member and for the right odds, I'd even say he's a CCW guy.

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  10. I am Don Justice's brother. Although we were never close, I terminated conversations with him after our mothers death and his subsequent mishandling of her estate and remains. Don is a selfish, narcissitic, volatile, unstable individual and deserves all he gets for this act. I found it interesting that you portray him as a memeber of the NRA. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Don is a lifelong Democrat and proud liberal. You all need to realize that depite ones party affiliation, ther are those individuals that are unstable and with a propensity for violence.