Monday, January 31, 2011

DGU in Pakistan

via Opinione.

The Associated Press tells the story.

The U.S. has said the American, who has not been named, acted in self-defense when he shot two armed men who approached his car in Lahore on Thursday.

But many questions have been left unanswered, including exactly what the American did at the U.S. Embassy and why he was carrying a gun. The lack of clarity has fueled media speculation he may have been a CIA agent or security contractor, as well as questions over whether he qualified for diplomatic immunity.

It's interesting that many of the same questions arise as they would in the States. Who was he, why did he have a gun, and most of all why did he shoot.

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  1. "...why did he have a gun, and most of all why did he shoot."

    Because he was attacked by two gunmen on a motorcycle. That part of the story has not been in question with many witness accounts and guns and an empty holster found on the assailants.

  2. He had a gun because it is EVERYONE'S right to effective self defense. It's too bad that some countries in the world do not recognize that right.

    The rest of the situation I haven't read much about so I'm not going to speculate. Hopefully all the truth comes out.


  3. I thought it said they were approaching his car.