Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sen. Eric Adams' Good Message

Over at place it was met with nothing but derision. What do you think?


  1. So the "good message" is to treat your children as though they are prison inmates.

    Adams fails what to do if you find a gun. There are two main problems: safely handling the gun, and disposing of the gun.

    If his target audience were to find a gun in their child's room - they won't have a clue about safe muzzle direction, trigger discipline, or how to safely unload it.

    If they manage to handle it safely - then what? Call the cops and have your child face time in prison plus a record that will ensure that they return again and again to the big house?

    The same applies to the drugs he mentions. If you find a crack pipe in your kid's possession that isn't a "discussion piece" - it's a sign that your kid either needs drug rehab (if they are an addict) or drug education (so they can safely use without becoming an addict).

  2. Why is that guy's house full of guns and crack pipes?

    And if New York is so safe, why does a state senator have to wear a bullet proof vest and stand on a street corner to protect children?

  3. Well, I'll admit he's not a very good speaker. But that may be his strong suit, compared to Jessie and Al, this guy's sincerity is obvious. Preaching to parents to take more responsibility for what their kids are getting up to is the "good message" I was talking about.

  4. I honestly have no doubt about this man's sincerity.