Monday, January 31, 2011

Minnesota Background Checks

via Penigma.

In this op-ed supporting the continuance of the State background checks we can see that it makes good sense. We can also see the lies put out by the gun extremists who have been saying it's an unnecessary duplication of the Federal check.

Last year, the Bloomington Police Department received 541 requests for permission to buy handguns.
Of that total, 37 were denied following local background checks required by Minnesota law. According to officials, those rejections were due to chemical dependency or mental illness issues.

Had Bloomington authorities relied solely on instant federal background checks, every one of those 37 permit-seekers would have been cleared on the spot to buy a gun.
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  1. We can also see the lies put out by the gun extremists . . .

    He he--"lies." You and that zany sense of humor of yours.

  2. These people would NOT have been able to pass the Federal instant background check. The Permit to Purchase (the background check that the Bloomington Police were doing) has to be obtained before purchasing a pistol in Minnesota. It is not until you have your permit in hand and go to your FFL that the Federal instant check is done.

  3. Wake up Anonymous. The Republicans in MN are trying to do away with any Minnesota check, and to rely ONLY on the NCIS, claiming the MN check is redundant.

    Minnesota has provided ZERO names to the NCIS for mental illness (or drug convictions either) whereas 37 failed the check in Bloomington alone (an affluent suburrb of Minneapolis). Even Gun crazy Arizona supplied between 3,000 and 4,000 to the NCIS. Minnesota - zilch.
    North Dakota -zero. South Dakota - 1, Nebraska 1, Iowa - 24, Wisconsin- 518.

    Minnesota includes domestic violence and stalking convictions along with gun convictions as reasons not to allow someone to purchase a gun. The state check is actually more rigorous than the federal check in some constructive ways, but it is not onerous. I own my own guns through such a Minnesota check, guns obtained through a relative who has had an FFL for a couple of decades -- and who adamantly agrees BOTH background checks should continue because they work, and work well, for safety. The police organizations want to keep the current system too. Pretty much everyone except the gun nut fringies on the far right are happy with the current system.

  4. Zerrro wrote :"He he--"lies." You and that zany sense of humor of yours."

    No, he meant lies. Lies are what you call it when someone has engaged in a pattern of deliberately false statements in order to deceive. Like the claims by MN gun nuts that states - including Arizona - are safe relying on unfunded, dangerously incomplete NCIS database checks.

    Clearly, they are not.
    So, either these guys who are gun nuts don't know the statistics - which is unliikely given the committee in question. Or they have deliberately and calculatingly misrepresented them, which seems to be the case.

    Silly zerro. Just like the number of names for the dangeroulsy mentally ill from Minnesota submitted to the NCIS while Bloomington alone found 37....

  5. You tell 'em, Dog Gone.

    I know Zorroy can back up even the most bizarre claims, he's that glib. But that Anonymous commenter, I doubt if he can defend the idea that the federal check would have caught those that were screened out in Minnesota, which is exactly the point.